Gallery and Store Now Open

Check it out –> I’ve started selling my handmade jewelry and prints. Next, collages and knitted items will go up as well as more jewelry (I have a ton – not even sure where all of it is).

I don’t even remember making half this stuff.

As of now, 80% of all profits from the store will go toward filing fees to establish 2F, an Illinois 501(c)3 for education and cultural enrichment. Filing fees for this type of entity are minimum $400, so this 80% rule is in place indefinitely.

Freestyle Non-fiction coming soon.

Here’s how it works: all items have the price of tax and shipping built in. If you purchase a $30 necklace, subtract 7% for taxes and $2.75 for shipping. That’s $25.15, 80% of which is $20.12. Thus, if you spend $30 in the store, $20.12 will go toward the founding of 2F.

So please stop in and check it out. And keep an eye out for updates.

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